It started with a thought: fashion and intimacy don’t usually merge. If you want the hottest trends and the most stylish concepts, it usually comes from our idols, the events that dominate social media and from the stores we go to. The idea of being able to find an intimate online boutique where you can grab what’s in the spotlight and what’s going to be hot in the future is unheard of. That’s where CATZZE comes in.

Growing up in the heart of New York City, fashion and design is everything. The pace is unforgiving, and ambition sets the tone for the day ahead. When I created CATZZE in 2015, I thrived in this environment, taking my sense of style and applying it to multiple fields in the form of retail, merchandising and eventually, as a buyer.

From there, I furthered my expertise in the field through my career maneuvers, combining ​my undying passion for style with my business sense until I realized what I felt was missing. A place to find what’s working now, at a stellar price, with a glimpse of what’s to come. To create a place where I can enjoy both, I invented CATZZE, where style lives.

New York is a mixing point of culture, serving as the mecca for where trends start, end and evolve. I’ve carried ​that same mentality here to my shop, in order to deliver the best to anyone, around the world. ​​It​ is ​more than a pleasure to share my favorite ​selection​s in affordable fashion with you, as well what you’ll want to be wearing in the future.

We here at CATZZE hope you’ll find it to be everything we planned it to be: the culture’s next best thing with an affordable lure.​

Thanks for shopping ​CATZZE!